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Originally Posted by redbreegull View Post
MA and Adore have certain sonic similarities because of the era they were released in though, and that is what I think Pale Princess is referring to.

I guess I would say that whether music has "aged well" or not really depends entirely on the listener's context. There is something about splashy, reverb-drenched drums, and chorusy guitars playing three note major chords which instantly screams 1980s, and it sounds dated. But if you didn't have the entire cultural context that big longtime music listeners have (like most people on this board), I'm not sure you would be able to identify in the same way that the music instantly sounds "cheesy," and trapped in another era. Modern music has largely rejected some of that production and playing style, which is probably why it sounds left behind or disconnected from the present to our ears, whereas other older artists seem more eternal because they tapped into something which is continually referenced even a long time later.

It's like fashion. Some styles seem perennial, others seem dated, and yet others were once considered dated but have come back around. Just depends on the cultural context, and it doesn't have to do with any innate qualities in the music, or clothes, or whatever we are talking about. Consider trying to sell people on high-waisted jeans in 2005, versus 2018. Different values and aesthetics are appreciated in different cultural contexts, and that is largely beyond the individual talent of whoever made the music.

I love high waisted jeans. wouldn't have been caught dead in them in 2005

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