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Originally Posted by thedeadofnight View Post
I guess it’s easier to get into the Hall of Fame nowadays than into the SAD MACHINES fan group:

651 Members
+0 in the last 30 days

Especially after the big “reunion” tour and the announced release of new recordings one could have expect a lot of new members in the most “elite” SP fan group.

Do they have a new lie detector test to prove the absolute readiness to self-sacrifice for William Patrick Corgan? Have they sorted out some suspect members to guarantee a pure fellowship?

Group Rules from the Admins

1 No Consequence of Sound, BlastEcho, Alt Nation

These “media” sources are not our friends. Posts by these sources are banned and will be removed immediately.

These sources are known for having been a platform for D’arcy to speak out her opinion about the relationship with her old bandmates. So this spell is another step of oppression to avoid any critical discussion about the band situation.

As this group of fanatics has a strong “moral” ideology:
How have they not banned Netphoria as a source of evil yet?
Well, there might be further rules mentioned, only visible in the closed group…

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