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I'm getting the vibe she let the cat out of the bag, SP camp got upset and threatened her and now she is back pedaling. unreal. Fuck BC. for real.
Without a doubt. A reunion like this means big-time money. They have strategic ways to roll out these kind of tours and ways to set up the narrative. D'arcy doing this is a huge fuck up to the plans. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets sued.

I'm disappointed though. I figured that they wouldn't bother with any reunion hype if it wasn't going to be the original 4. Essentially all it is is James Iha joining the current lineup for a tour. It'll be nice to see and all, but it's a bit anti-climatic.

I have a feeling that SP INC saw the big success that Guns N Roses had with taking the half measure approach and thought they could have big success by doing the same. It's a harder sell though cause D'arcy was such an important part of the image of the band. Now of course it's just gonna be some other random bimbo up there to fill the eye-candy female bassist role.

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