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leet videos

fruit bat salad (I think this is getting around now)
10.22.91 (both sets shot with premission w/ back stage footage)
12.31.91 (shot with premission from balcony w/ back stage footage)
08.25.90 (SBD audio)
04.23.99 (AUD shot)

I think thats all thats really leet. There are things that are out there, but we may never get out hands on. At the Bridge School each year they have a history tent, and they play old shows. I watched the 97 SP sets there once, it was rather amazing. I asked how one could get a copy and the lady said I can't, but then said if I donated a rather large sum of money to the Bridge School, Neil could probably work something out. Also the Double Doors shows were shot by MTV...Viper Room was shot by Virgin, etc.

Also there is a guy that has 50+ full video from like 90 and on, but won't let them out. He is in the Milwaukee area I believe. Fruit Bat Salad was sourced from this guy, and I am guessing 10.22.91 was shot by him, since those are from Milwaukee. At the end of Fruit Bat Salad its says something like, "copyright 1994 Atomic Records". Some of those would be really cool to get, but I guess the guy doesn't let them out.