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Originally Posted by D. View Post
He played that song (with a funny story behind it)!

No special pass. They had a Q&A after the show and I was like third in line and requested a song. Then they were open for meets at the merch booth after. All of the dudes (Art from Everclear, Chris from Fountains of Wayne, Max from Eve 6, and Jon) were all super nice and humble.

Also, of note: dude from FoW said he hadn't been to Houston since "oh, 1998? We were on tour with the...Smashed Potatoes." It wasn't said with outright disdain but definitely a tone. During q&a someone mentioned him not having been there since 1998 and he said the band name correctly, in passing, so who knows.
THAT ASSHOLE. Whatever, FoW’s dead to me now.

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