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Originally Posted by ilikeplanets View Post
Quitting these is weird too. I haven't been successful entirely but I've taken long breaks. I love pills, but sometimes I cannot fucking think when I have been eating them a lot. When it gets to the point that I don't remember if I'm high or not I think it's break time. That should happen again in a few weeks...

Sometimes benzos make me outrageously angry. Has this happened to you? I find that odd because they are used as anti-anxiety medicine and yet they are increasing my tension. This only happens when I have been using them for many days in a row though, so I guess that's all I need to know.
eh. i don't abuse them but i use them pretty much everyday. i'm chemically dependent. today would've been day 3 but i realized that starting benzo detox 2 days before a 10 day trip to mexico is just asking for trouble. and just the small amout of withdrawal that i've experienced so far is enough to get an idea of what the rest of the week will be like.

full steam when I get back, though. i have special vitamins for withdrawal, and will be receiving treatment out-patient. my parents are ready, i'm ready. not gonna be fun though.

p.s. do you take just hand fulls of pills or do you space them out at all?

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