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Default Torrent/FLAC easy to understand guide

With the new tour and open-taping policy, I figure we'll be seeing alot more torrents, and more people will want them.

Here is an awesome Bittorrent FAQ:

FLAC files:

All around awesome program:

You can play them with:
Foobar2000 (, my choice)
Winamp (, with plugin)
iTunes (with this mod:

You can convert with:
Foobar2000 (have the LAME mp3 codec installed for best results, if making mp3)
Flac frontend (

use this:

remember, most tapers don't want you to make mp3s of their shows, except for personal use (your ipod, etc). You should never make mp3 files of a show and put them online unless the taper gives you explicit permission to do so.

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