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Originally Posted by fuzzyroes View Post
Now that some times passed it's quite comical to think back about the Oceania Tour.

Where in the world did Billy get the idea that he could sell out arenas by playing his new album in it's entirety? The only selling point that the SP brand has is their mid-90's work. Hell, they wouldn't have had a chance at selling out those kind of venues even if they played Siamese Dream front to back with the lineup that was on tour.

I've read theories that Billy overreacted to the initial positive reviews for the album but lets face it, The reviews weren't even that great. Positive, sure. But I recall the vibe from critics being more like " hey, Billy Corgan actually put out something that isn't half awful."

Anyhow, it was just a perfect showcase of Billy's delusion. The record didn't even have any radio play for crying out loud (you need that kind of exposure if you're gonna try to sell out arenas on the back of a new album)

Perhaps the debacle was a blessing in disguise, because had it been a success, we'd still have Mike and Nicole in the "band".
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