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I'm a total home cook - I can follow more complicated recipes and I'm pretty intuitive in the kitchen because I started young. One of the benefits of being the oldest child and only daughter, in a family where both parents have undiagnosed, untreated mental health issues. If I wanted my family to sit down together and eat a dinner other than ramen noodles, there were nights when I had to make it myself. When I was 11 I started making a lot of mac and cheese, pumpkin soup, and frittata - and fruit crumble for dessert. I cooked everything from scratch because I didn't know there was another way - my parents both liked fairly unprocessed food. Then my family would laugh at me and criticise whatever I'd made, so I have crippling anxiety about cooking for other people.

I still make a lot of pumpkin soup. Trying to be gluten free because i get really bad bloating if I eat it.

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