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Maybe there's a cynical side that is just completely going over my head but I really don't think Billy was doing anything wrong here? He was saying that they all wanted her involved in whatever way she felt comfortable with but that either way, it wasn't gonna compromise the tour. If she didn't feel up to it, then the door was open for future tours, recordings etc but for this tour, they couldn't afford to deal with the added stress of D'arcy if she wasn't in the right frame of mind, especially for a tour of this magnitude.
The tour is only of this magnitude because Billy made that choice. It isn't some sort of looming force of nature.

Generally speaking, I'm not against telling people what you want to do, and if it fits their plans, then they can show up. If I'm hanging out with my friend James, and my friend Melissa wants to join us, she is more than welcome to - but if she is out of town or has other plans, I'm not going to tell James we have to cancel.

The thing is that I'm not billing our hangout as our HIGH SCHOOL TRIO REUNION. This is essentially what Billy is doing right now. The only way he can even entertain having an arena tour is by selling us the idea of a reunion - which isn't actually a reunion at all. This is just him doing whatever he pleases and telling his bandmates to come along or get out of the way, which wouldn't be so bad if we were talking about a personal project of his, but we aren't.

If the reunion had any meaning to him other than selling t-shirts, the idea of D'arcy "joining" it would make no sense. It's like telling your partner you are having a wedding, and if they want to, they may join you. A real reunion would have them getting together, playing music, and seeing what to do from there as a group.

So while Billy isn't doing anything terribly wrong by wanting to live his life, he's still just an egocentric asshole who has no idea how to truly relate to people. Sometimes I even wonder if we are giving him too much credit when we say this is all about money. It's easy to do that when he talks so much about business, but there might be more at play here. Billy is a cargo cultist of emotions. He thinks that if he builds some structure that resembles a human relationship - or a human community - it will just come into being. He's still chasing the same wild, delusional dreams he had in the 90s because that's all he knows.

It's kind of pathetic and really sad. He's so desperate for connection, and all he can do is set up little tea parties with all his dolls and hope real people will sit down with him, to play the roles he assigned them.

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