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Originally Posted by Forgotten Child View Post
Both sides are a fucking joke.

Darcy sounds like she wants to be there but is to afraid to commit, like finding an excuse for everything. "I can't come out and play soccer with you today cause my mommy grounded me" kind of child, when in fact you're just too afraid.

Billy is making bad decisions again.
This was exactly what I was gonna say. As much as she puts out that she is ready for this, D'arcy is very clearly looking for excuses to stop it from happening. Why does a shoulder injury prevent her from going to LA? If she was serious she would have jumped on a plane and hammered the details out.

Her statements made it look like Billy just ousted her but that is very clearly not the case. He was trying to be inclusive and accommodating while wisely having someone he knows he can rely on in place. She just threw it all back in his face because she ain't ready for it. She doesnt have the confidence to put a facebook photo up for fucks sake, never mind going on tour in front of thousands!

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