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Default David Berman - Silver Jews and Purple Mountains thread

All 6 Silver Jews albums are worth listening to and have top notch songs to discover. I would recommend the first 3 albums in chronological order and then go from there. I heard Drag City started streaming in 2017 so perhaps they are on Spotify as well.

David returned from a 10 year hiatus and released the amazing Purple Mountains album this past July.

Here's a recent 58 minute podcast interview.

The Ringer article posted in the Purple Mountains thread.

His recent AMA.

I'm crushed and haven't been able to think clearly since finding out he past Tuesday night. Drag City announced it that afternoon but I had left work / wasn't reading the internet and had no idea. I was very much looking forward to seeing him for the first time (never thought it would be possible) and asking him permission to record the show. This really hurts. Not that the tour isn't happening but the fact that he is gone forever.

I'll post some very individual songs later and I hope others do the same. Had the opportunity to see Silver Jews and want to talk about it? Have a David story, interview or article to share? Live videos? Please do so if feel like doing so. Thank you.

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