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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
i have mixed feelings about this

obviously, exposing children to sexual explicit material at a young age can be damaging. however, if in the course of exposing them to emotionally/mentally stimulating arts, you run into some sexually explicit lyrics or images, it seems that children don't realize that that is what they are hearing - until they do - and then they can ask questions, yes? as long as the song isn't depicting a gangbang or anything, this seems like an acceptable risk and perhaps a good thing?
It's kind of interesting because I never think about my parents in that context, as exposing me to something explicit, but other people I might. It depends. I was laughing about this last night with my sister, and how weird it is that they would play a song with any lyrics like that around us, being that they were both very strict with us when we were growing up. I wasn't even allowed to date until I was 17 or attend any parties until I graduated. They were always hovering and in our business, and wouldn't allow us to talk on the phone to any guys. We also had to dress modestly.

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