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Originally Posted by Trotskilicious View Post
i thought you didn't buy new records
i've mentioned this to you several times before - but i only mentioned "not buying new records" as far as the beginning record collector is concerned.

my point was that a new collector can amass and enjoy a greater collection by buying used vintage vinyl quicker and much more cheaply than only buying brand new releases.

ergo - that was only my advice for someone new to the game. don't buy new records. buy more used vintage.

that's just my personal opinion of a way. it's much easier to love buying records when you're only paying $5 or less a piece as opposed to $20 a piece.

also re: RSD - i have a good enough relationship with my local shops i don't actually have to participate in the "black friday madness" (which is bullshit - agreed. who wants to fight through a crowded shop with a bunch of noobs?). i just have to waltz in and pick up the 2 records i want that are sitting behind the counter for me

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