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Unhappy I thought I didn't listen to metal anymore

this is just too fucking good. easily the best Devy's done in the past ten years for sure. for the first time in years i'm really excited about his upcoming record. he really lost me completely the last half decade or so, kinda going full self indulgent giant ego metal factory artist. but with this new record, he just broke up what was his successful reverb-rock band, and set out to do something weird and sprawling just because he was tingling to get out so bad.

this track is a shining example of where devin really gets so uniquely good. it's like, he's inviting you have to slowly focus in on it. the music begs that you approach it, gradually zoom into it. every bar of it. he weaves so many delicious little details at every turn. there are entire songs in those spaces.

at first it's this weird POMPOUS PROG METAL SONG, but then upon repeated listens you suddenly find the beautiful & strange asymmetry of it, the deep jungle rhythms, the most wicked and outrageously exciting bass playing, angular sample patterns, strange little lovely musical detours and extra bars that suddenly make perfect sense. certain riffs suddenly get colored more "oriental" or "hawaiian" when you notice a little line of part going on.

the whole body of the song seeks to communicate with you, and actively engage you in something stimulating. if you don't really want to, that's cool. but it's there for you to find. that's the type of stuff that make music age like wine. nobody has perfected that style of production, ever, quite like devin.

it's so viciously infectious and poppy! i'm playing the F outta this right now. so fun to jam this on guitar too. what will my neighbors think jesus i'm so embarrassed i thought i didn't listen to metal anymore

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