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Default I need drinking songs

Doing a pedal pub today with some colleagues

and I'm on music duty. So far I have a mix of what could be considered archetypal drinking songs, stupid party music, general goofy music, modern stuff, classic hits, etc.

Fight for your right - b boys
streams of whiskey - pogues - woo hoo, I'm blue
whiskey river - willie
she blinded me with science (it's a chem department thing)
ball and biscuit -white stripes
too drunk too fuck
jungle boogie
chelsea dagger - fratellis
what happened - sublime
the hammer killing - batmobile
cocaine blues
you never can tell - chuck berry
let's dance - bowie
bennie and the jets
chacarron macarron:
life during wartime
juicy - biggie
say it ain't so - weezer
would that not be nice - divine fits
digital animal - honey claws
don't stop believin
goodbye horses
soon we'll be dead - leftover crack
the underdog - spoon
neighborhood # 2
carolina drama - ranconteurs

as you can see, some of these are crowd pleasers/filler for more appropriate choices but if anyone has suggestions that would be swell

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