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authority??? lol man I am no authority on any sort of music genre. I only listen to a handful of doom bands. there are tons of bands I've never checked out.

so now I think I will list the doom/sludge/stoner bands I have heard, just because I like to see myself type about myself.

1. Melvins (just the tip of the proverbial iceberg)
2. Sleep
3. Boris
4. QOTSA (just the first three albums)
5. Weedeater
6. Church of Misery
7. Eternal Elysium
8. YOB (very little)
9. Om
10. Goatsnake
11. Burning Witch
12. Coffins

I think that's it. Don't like Neurosis, don't like Electric Wizard, don't like Cathedral. O I need to check out more Wino. He's fucking legendary.

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