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Originally Posted by MyOneAndOnly View Post
i might try watching Unexpected.

Be prepared to get angry at teenagers through a screen. Especially as a mom, I find myself screaming, "Don't hold a baby like that! Newborns can't be spoiled, jackass, pick up your crying child! What do you mean you're BORED?!" and things of that ilk. It's scary because Fuzzy just said he watches Teen Mom but in this show the people aren't TRYING to be hot messes, they're just woefully ill prepared and terrible parents since they're teenagers. It's still an embarrassing guilty pleasure, not sure what point there is to defending it.

I watch 90 Day Fiance because of how much of a train wreck it is. There is something horribly wrong with every single person on that show and I hope none of them get married. Also because my mom watches it and I want her to like me.

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