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Originally Posted by teh b0lly!!1 View Post
it is now a shadow of what the show used to be all about, all the subtle, astute satire and terrifying glimpses into dark possible futures. it's all gone. you can feel it being detached from its essence as it makes the transition into just another american tv show where twisted shit happens in the foreseeable future
i go at things with low expectations. it's not what it used to be, no. i understand your annoyance but not your emotional attachment to the people who enjoy the same show you used to maybe enjoy (or not I don't really know). i realize I'm probably like a complete different generation of person but while trying to not defend the show at all, I think people should hate it and find reason to if that's what they wanna do. I hate some things too, like the show friends and the people who like it. ad infinum. it's trying a thing though. it is homogenized yeah.. it's probably a lot like when the twilight zone became popular, or OZ had a bad streak of a season here or there or when breaking bad was a slow moving mess to me. i'm sure each season will be different. **MJRICA FJCK JEA**

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