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Originally Posted by Shallowed View Post
Yeah this. Acquaint them instead, go out for drinks/coffee/whatever, have conversations about mutual interests, but don't try to fuck them.

If you must fuck them, trying not to fuck them might work better than trying to fuck them anyway.
why is this plural like i'm some kind of lothario

i just would like to put my best foot forward in a non office policy shattering i'm not suggestive to you in a bar kind of way you know i mean jeez guys

i just want to maybe have a date and not be like duplicitous by being golly sure i'm your friend at first the whole time i just would like to have a date to go see SWANS because she also loves swans or might love swans or could love swans ~

i think even my thread is wrong even these questions are wrong i have the wrong mindset to begin with and i suffer from profound insecurity to protect the human race from having more of my genetic stock in the gene pool

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