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Due to popular demand and high volume of inquiries into this article, the weekly "Didja know!?" segment had to be pushed back a few days! Sorry to the legions of fans out there who were refreshing this page frantically every 10 minutes for the past few days!

DIDJA KNOW!?: That before the legendary top-hatted axe-slinger "Saul Hudson" became Slash and joined Guns N Roses that he actually auditioned to play in future glam-metal sensations Poison!? Yes! It's True!

Poison was gaining growing notoriety on the Sunset Strip scene, selling out clubs like nobodies buisness before they parted ways with their lead guitarist. While it was definitely a stick in the spokes for their momentum the glam-rockers trudged on by autidioning new axe-wielders! A pre top-hatted Slash decided to audition and played his ass off but as he was leaving he saw C.C. Deville entering the door with his huge white hair and lip-sticked face and instantly knew that this guy would be the new guitarist.

As we all know, things turned out quite dandy for young Saul Hudson! He would later go on to form one of the most notorious rock-bands of all time and contributed to some of the biggest rock anthems of all time such as "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child O Mine"

Just think rock-fans, it was very possible that in an alternate universe that Slash would be on stage playing such tracks as "Unskinny Bop"! Can you imagine!?

See You next week and until then keep rockin' the fuck on!

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