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Noir Desir were pretty big in the "francophonie". Then the singer, Bertrand Cantat killed his wife (somewhat accidentally, he was still hitting her...). Though he's been touring again now that he's out of jail.

Recently I've been listening to two European bands that are I suppose more or less unknown. I feel like such a fucking hipster even mentioning them but the fact is it seems there's not many bands out there actually doing decent post punk (like I don't know why Savages is so popular, they're not that good). I found both accidentally through youtube. One is called Soviet Soviet, they're Italian, the other, Motorama, they're Russian (reading those bands names it really seems it should be the other way around). Both have pretty bad accents but I don't really care about the singing/lyrics so much as the music (I mean in their case anyway though certainly for the Russian band, the lyrics are no better or worse than most bands). Also, both kinda have only 4 songs and then repeat them over and over in a slightly different format but those 4 songs are pretty alright and that's better than most music I've heard recently. For sample songs i'd say Alps for Motorama and Ecstasy for Soviet Soviet.

Other than that in my favorite bands ever i count The Chameleons which are known enough but never you know...actually made it big.

And still in post punk cause that's pretty much all I listen to, , there was The Organ, a Canadian all girl band that was getting pretty popular ten years ago and then suddenly broke up after about two years (I had at least a chance to catch them live before they did). Listen to Grab That Gun, a very good record (brother probably the stand out song). they also have pretty big smtihs inlfuences, in the singing anyway. the singer kinda worshipped Morrissey...

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