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Originally Posted by AndySlash View Post
I just bought a bunch of shit. Some of it was the cheap used stuff- got a few for 50 cents up to $2-3. A bunch of stuff is new, though. You can probably guess what was cheap bargain bin finds and what wasn't.

Moody Blues- Days of Future Passed
V/A- Johnny Cash Remixed
Richard Harris- A Tramp Shining
Isaac Hayes- Hot Buttered Soul
King Khan & The Shrines- The Supreme Genius Of...
Mountain Goats- Tallahassee
Marvin Gaye- Let's Get It On
Richie Havens- Alarm Clock
Richie Havens- Great Blind Degree
R.E.M.- Reckoning
Shuggie Otis- Inspiration Information
The Warlocks- Heavy Deavy Skull Lover
Nimrod Workman- I Want To Go Where Things Are Beautiful
Pink Floyd- A Collection Of Great Dance Songs
Dave Brubeck- Jazz Improvisations of New York
Buffalo Springfield- S/T (not the first album, but a compilation from '73)
Johnny Cash- Bitter Tears
Common- Be
Neil Diamond- Stones
Neil Diamond- Jazz Singer
Jimi Hendrix Experience- Smash Hits
George Winston- December
Buddy Rich- Big Swing Face
Talking Heads- Speaking In Tongues
Stevie Wonder- Talking Book
V/A- Easy Rider Sdtk
V/A- 2001: A Space Odyssey Sdtk
where do you shop man? im still trying to figure the cities out.

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