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Originally posted by Quiet CD

There is such a thing known as excessive force
I never said there wasn't. But just saying "It was 3 on 1, and the 1 was a girl!" doesn't make a case for excessive force in and of itself.

Before you make claims, take a step back and look at the circumstances, a small unarmed woman with no protective gear being physically subdued by three men in full military combat gear with guns, possibly a dog... yeah I can see that this is obviously a person capable of causing a significant amount of damage to the soldiers
All it takes is for her to get one gun off of one of those guys to do some damage. I know you probably think that's out of the question, but I wonder how you think that the officers would know that. I think the presumption has to favor the notion that this woman was not being cooperative, (if she was, she would have been gone after the first time everyone was asked to leave) and as such, I don't know how you can blame the officers for taking every precaution.

Somehow I don't think that saying "But it was a girl, he should have been able to take her!" is going to console a grieving spouse in the event that the kind of assumptions you're talking about turn out wrong. A small female who disregards police orders is every bit as dangerous as a large male.

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