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most of my cd-r's from trading days have lineage printed out and attached to each of the cd cases, and all of my shn/flac files from traders den and Zomb, or the good old pumpkind directconnect++ server still have md5 checks and txt files, i even think i have a BOOTLIST i had in Excel, lol which had audio info. i was just in the the process of getting rid of any crappy shows i have, and comparing them to whats on the archive and what not, as some of the discs were from the days of or whatever that old site was with heaps of shit on it.

i just thought with sites that offer free online storage, it might be an idea to get the best quality demos up there, to have people from resorting to mp3's., not a massive task, i dont think there are many demo tapes.

just food for thought.... mmm food.

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