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Originally Posted by scottytheoneand View Post

Why calling you a knuckledragging moron is apropos.

Originally Posted by vixnix View Post
I tried to watch that guy because I do think it's dodgy that stuff is missing, but there were no graphics and also he didn't use music, it was just him talking, and I couldn't listen to him not even really know what he wanted to say.

Idiocracy much? I think your just being a bit lazy, but the salient points are at 6:13:

"Only a fool would believe that Hillary Clinton would have a private server for convenience and only a fool would believe Hillary deleted 30,000 emails; and that now, Pagliano emails for 4 years are non-existent...If you believe all of this is for convenience, you're a fool."

Later on he rightly challenges Hillary supporters that if Trump wins, it's perfectly o.k. for him to have a private server off the books since its no big deal and that every cabinet official should be allowed to do this as well.

like, what difference does it make, right?

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