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I kind of side with Labelle on this one.

I mean the guy goes around having staff hand out laminates with women sucking dick in KISS makeup (as if it's a Willy Wonka golden ticket) to hot girls in the audience and then he has em line up backstage like a meat-market to then get carded and then presuming they're at least 18, Maynard struts in and takes his pick? (How cheap would it feel to the women who don't get picked?) Jeeze, I know there's nothing illegal about it but he obviously just sees women as an object to fuck.

I suppose it reflects worse on the women themselves. Just willing to give themselves up for a cheap fuck on a bus because the guy sings on some songs they like.

Regardless of the situation, it doesn't seem like this Maynard guy has much of a moral compass.

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