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I played the first episode of that Telltale Batman game last night.

It's my first time playing that sort of game. It's essentially just an interactive movie. The quicktime events during combat are pointless, and I could do without them entirely (they don't make it a good game, just a bad movie), but the ability to actually choose the character's responses and actions are the fun part. Too bad it seems like none of your actions really have that much impact on the story, but maybe that's because I'm only on the first episode.

I always felt that Batman as a character came off as a little stale and stiff in the Arkham games, where half of his lines are essentially spouting things like "I'll stop you, Joker!" The Telltale series actually gives him a personality, and it kinda recalls the socially awkward Michael Keaton Bruce Wayne, who finds himself very uncomfortable living the socialite life and prefers to sit in front of a computer in a musty cave. A Batman I can relate to.

As you can see, I'm not a gamer, so I essentially only play licensed games because I'm like, "oh, I recognize that character."

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