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Originally Posted by reprise85 View Post
lol skyrim is $40 still cuz they did some ultimate edition or whatever. fuck you steam
That's bullshit maybe you can find the old version

I'd strongly recommend it if you enjoy the Bethesda style open world game and want some fantasies. So far I've found it most entertaining as a hiking simulator, avoiding the main story and the more boring "go here kill dis bring back dat" quests, and generally trying to keep my mage out of as many pointless brawls as possible while enjoying the scenery and amazing sound design with headphones on

Last night I was poking around some hot springs trying to find a way around an icy cragland so I can have these unusual gems appraised in riften when i heard an ominous reptilian moaning mixed into the already-grim complaint of the chilly winds...turned to look at the foggy sky and caught glimpse of big black wings flappin high overhead. Legit gave me the chills of immersion, felt fun as f

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