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I didn't intend to suggest that the mere lack of technical ingenuity was responsible for any and all disappointment, but only meant to highlight a few of the ways in which I felt let down by what appeared to be the defining characteristic of the film. Aside from the one or two visually pleasing effects sequences that didn't actually contribute anything specific to anything and could have just as easily served as menus on the Blu-ray release, all we really got was some 2001: A Space Odyssey homage, lights in frame, and the near copying/pasting of some ominous seduction in a product photography vacuum. Excepting the one or two examples I had already singled out for praise, where is it that Glazer is actually meant to have impressed us?

It's also incorrect to suggest that I must have gone into seeing it with particular expectations or any sort of predisposition towards criticism. I've read plenty of your posts about movies and have some awareness of where our differences of opinion might tend to crop up.

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