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I actually think a near flat bust looks beautiful in a way - bust disappears when I lose weight. I don't really care but after breastfeeding two babies for two years each, my boobs look pretty used up and sad when they're not filled up with fat...not youthful and beautiful lol

A mum at my old playgroup discovered she had the early stages of breast cancer and had a double mastectomy and then implants...I'm glad the procedures exist. My Gran lived with the shame of a mastectomy for most of her adult life and I wish she hadn't had to. It's a horrible thing to lose your bust, I reckon. And I did have one high school acquaintance who all of us felt sorry for because she was tall and beautiful and perfectly proportioned except that she had no bust at was horrible for her,trying to find ball gowns that hid it. So I can see for someone in her situation, having a beautiful body but covering it up all the time and feeling ashamed...and not planning to fill out via motherhood for a good decade or so...a boob job would be a life changing thing. And similarly, breast reductions can make an amazing difference.

But just going from one perfectly proportional size to another, bigger one...LA doesn't sound like my kind of place either....

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