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lol, check out this guy.

Letters to William #11

Dear William,
Hello again! It's been quite a while since last I wrote. I suppose it has something to do with how busy you've been. (That might be speculating but I think it's a pretty accurate speculation.) As I have mentioned a dozen or more times before, I do not want to be a burden; and though I hold no expectations of you, letters bring in themselves the expectation of being read I suppose. Therefore, I felt that I should take a break to, in essence, give you a break as well. But here I am, so let's get to it... Congratulations on the new song release! It seems to be getting some great feedback, which is good. Congratulations also on your future book! I hope that writing it will be a very enjoyable experience for you. There seems to be so much going on for you right now. For someone who has never met you and most likely never will, I find it surprising to say that I'm... proud of you. That might be awkward, but it's the truth so to hell with it I guess. I am, at this current point in time, in awe of you a bit. It's remarkable what you've been able to accomplish; what you continue to accomplish. I pray that one day I might be so blessed as to make a difference in this world in some way as well. Actually, I guess that is a terrible thing to say. I have already been blessed with so much more than I could have thought to ask God for, I am grateful beyond expression. It seems greedy and selfish to ask for more, yet I think that we should always be seeking more. There's so much 'out there'. We should keep striving and pushing to achieve all we desire, don't you think? I tend to contradict myself a lot... it causes much confusion. I could really use a relaxing vacation to nowhere. My life has been so turbulent lately, it's been difficult to remain focused on my spirituality and personal issues which could use some working on. When the world is at last silent, it seems easy to reconnect with all that I hold dear. However, the world is rarely silent it seems. I feel like the world is always loud and 'in your face', and it seems that the 'in your face' stuff is always negative; lies, hate, judgment... etc. I'm trying to learn (mostly on my own) how to tune out the useless junk the world throws at us daily, and concentrate on what is 'real'. The only guides I have in this matter are: a book called "Frequency, The Power of Personal Vibration" and... come on, I think you can guess the second one. Alright then, (drum roll please...) YOU! You had to have seen that coming. So, that's it. I have a book and a man I have never met who, in the scheme of things, is really more of a concept than a reality; more myth than man. I suppose that's how this celebrity/fan thing works though, isn't it? I have to admit, putting the truth to paper only makes it seem more sad and hopeless. Enough with that though, I have faith and that's all that matters. Faith in what? I have no idea really, I guess I would have to say: faith that this... that everything is going somewhere good. After all, God is always leading me from here to there. Even when I 'fail', how can I really go wrong? My love to you and yours and be safe. I will continue to add you in my prayers in faith that God will continue to lead you true.

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