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Nutshells aren't pretty. There's a lot of outlines but unfortunately, like a lot of things people will paint their own colours into matters. The fuse has just been burning for far too long, after many months, a delicate situation has just sent it exploding everywhere.

Nothing is unresolvable. Yes things are vague, but things are still extremely fresh. Right now it's a case of 'What can really be said?' Better to be vague and give light there's problems rather than say too much and make it unworkable for the future.

Just saying that things are broken, but ultimately, can they be repaired? No ultimatums or anything, a lot of people acknowledge there's been a spanner between the band and the fans and lately the band acknowledge and don't care. Do the band even know that a band questionnaire for the fans had no questions from any fan and only from the man who was meant to be asking other people for? How far can I go and how much can I say? As I said, I have nothing to lose by doing this!

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