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Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
Okay, thank you for answering.
Just to be clear:
Nicole is aware that their chosen news outlet is run by a Prop 8 supporter and it's going to stay that way?
She is 100% aware of both his past and present support for Prop 8. I think we can safely assume that she read his most recent post on this. Her latest status on Facebook is basically saying that the continued support for Crestfallen is the band's way of showing compassion and acceptance for his beliefs and actions. Also, that tolerating his differing views is the right thing to do.

I appreciate that she addressed the issue, and I realize that she put herself in the cross-fire for publicly stating her opinion. I believe in her philosophy and I do practice it for the most part. But there is a limit, and she said herself that the limit is "as long as it doesn't infringe upon the basic human rights of another". Not only did he say that gay people should not be allowed to marry as any other heterosexual couple, but that they also should not be able to adopt children. If that does not infringe basic human rights, then I don't know what does.

And it's not like he posted that on his own personal blog, but on a Smashing Pumpkins fan website and within the Smashing Pumpkins music section. Also, during his time as some kind of fan representative or "the voice of the band" as many people say.

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