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Originally Posted by NovaFritz View Post
Yeah, just listened to Inkless. Not bad. I think its saving grace is that it doesn't go on too long. I think lots of the Oceania songs are killed by just beating the idea for too many extra minutes.

Anyways, one of the odd problems I have with Oceania, and it seems from this thread like it is a problem with SP2 stuff in general, is that I simply can't remember what most of the songs sound like. They are not ear worms. Some of the ZG and MTAE songs I can actually recall without looking them up (Starz, That's the Way, Being Beige, Drum and Fife). But not Oceania (or Biergarten by colonoscope). Maybe that is the album's problem, it sounds too safe, too generic, too forgettable.
Hahaha that's great. I'm going to refer to TbK that way now.

As for Oceania... Yeah, I go agree with you a bit on that front; the songs are competent enough but many are forgettable. But I still like it better overall than Zeitgeist, even without Jimmy's amazing drumming. Inkless almost feels like a classic Pumpkins tune to me with that main riff, and the vocals and lyrics are strong overall. I think the album starts and ends strong, it's just that middle section that makes it kind of drag... Billy takes a hard left turn into some unusual territory and the results are mixed at best. Pinwheels starts out like an attempt at a Who song and then turns into a slower acoustic ballad. I like the track but it feels under developed; like it's building to something and never quite gets to the climax. And the Oceania (the song) is one of Corgan's weakest attempts at an epic, because again, it feels like it's building up to something and never gets there.

Still, I'd take ANY song on Oceania over For God and Country. I fucking hate that song so much. And I feel like the lyrics for songs like That's the Way and Bring the Light ruin what otherwise would be good songs.

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