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Originally posted by Smiley:
I feel like such an idiot... how could I forget Offer Up! Oh, and all of the Gravity Demos. Except for Jackboot... that one seems to get the love it deserves thanks to Vieuphoria.

And I actually think Drain is underrated, but I can see why some people don't like it... it took a while to grow on me.

Yeah, there are SO many SP songs that go unmentioned. I agree with Drain, Laugh and the Gravity Demos, ESPECIALLY Lucky Lad, Dizzle, Weeping Willowly and that one James track.

Just Between - Underrated Starchildren performance. I prefer the way the verse is sung as oppposed to the official Here Is No Why. That, coupled with the way the last chorus is song in the HINW MCIS demos would make a great track.

Autumn - I cannot emphasize this enough.

No one EVER mentions the last track on the MCIS electric demos that ended up being Permanence. Pretty stuff.

How about some James tracks? Bells, Winter, Falling, Take Care and My Advice all get thumbs up from me.