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I think a big factor in the Jimmy, James, Billy doing this vs D'arcy is the Fatherhood thing.
those three 50 year olds all have kids now.
people with kids ALWAYS treat those without differently. it's not even a rock and roll thing, it's in every group of life.

the reunion tour was always about the $$$ cause they're DADs. D'arcy was probably the only one actually doing it for the music and she would have fought them on that every step of the way. She's been 'trying to kill her brain' for the last 20 years to forget about SP, and she's probably dysfunctional (which is OK for a rock band).... but this isn't rock music anymore. It's pay-day cash in.

"we haven't played music in 18 years, duh, that's why it's a reunion" GOLD!

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