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Originally Posted by TuralyonW3 View Post
Ok enough fucking around.

Someone PLEASE pm me the deleted D’arcy photo. It’s part of the larger narrative now, and as a fan since 1993, I need to see it.

Someone PM me and I will owe you a Netphoria favor.
Originally Posted by pavementtune View Post
hello kids, what have I mi- holy shit.

are you guys all serious? THAT happened? that line? borrowed straight from Harvey Weinstein or what. WHAT IS A WOMAN TO GAIN - "by lying what I did." (always a great question - nothing.) this can't be true.

pic, anyone? someone post the dang screenshot. and the pic, one of these photoshooot band pics from back then? the one with darcy in red paint? no?
I'd also like a PM or for someone to post the screenshot

The only one without class here is Bill for sharing it in the first place

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