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Originally Posted by Dade View Post
oh ffs, WELCOME TO AN ADULT CONVERSATION- your link doesn't even show anything substantial towards this discussion..i didn't post those quotes to imply that racism was OK by any means, we were just having a pissing contest on who got the "right" story in history class you ignorant fish mouth.

nice to hear you have a good plug on the white supremacy sites and was able to find the same quotes repeated there i think?

it's also impossible not to laugh when people like you complain about the meaning of what "progress" is in america..make your own path, blaze your own trail- lead by example instead of opinion!

you people waiting and hoping for this guy to fail only to validate your own bias and irrational suspicions is basically like hoping that the pilot from a huge airplane we're ALL riding in to fuck up and crash into a mountain.
I don't understand the last sentence considering the conversation topic is abraham lincoln

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