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Originally Posted by FoolofaTook View Post
Sorry rbg but that is not what they taught me at my college. I'm not trolling. i was taught that the states rights issue goes way back to revolutionary times. But I know nothibng about us history and i was smoking hella treez too (surprise!) so who knows.
that is a really common myth, it is what i was taught in grade school and many peopke in the US are taught this also

but it is not true. the north won the battles but in the long term the south won propaganda war. the south completely undid reconstruction effort and implemented segregation. after the war there was actually a number of black men elected to state legislatures and even some in house of representatives I think, but in a few decades all the progress had been undone and black people were almost back where they started in some ways. even today many liberal americans have weird sympathetic views of the south but i promise if you really read the history, it was always about slavery.

rbg is right, the republicans began as an anti-slavery party and when lincoln was elected south carolina did the nullification thing to try and leave the country. that is, in literal terms, how the war started. and there are writing from SC confederate leaders that blatantly say this is all about slavery

slavery was a state right so it's true in a general way but the whole war was predicated on SLAVERY ISSUE specifically, it was totally about slavery. it's like if I say Iraq war was about oil and you say lol no it was about resources.

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