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I'm not that good with heights but its not like a phobia. And it has to be quite a considerable height for me to start feeling queasy about it. Like over 10 floors at least.

I'm afraid of people. Well of having to socialize really, not people.

I'm afraid of not sleeping. I dread going to bed, every night. Mainly because no sleep triggers high anxiety and makes my life pretty much absolutely unbearable. If i haven't slept for a day i'll start thinking i'm gonna die. Two and i'll start thinking i'd prefer being dead. Every single night i go to sleep i entertain the idea i might not fall asleep. But most days i'm fine, but if i have to be up for any reason early the day after ill probably not sleep or at least not well. Because then i'll start thinking I REALLY NEED TO SLEEP which ensures i won't. the worst is the more tired i am, the less i'm bound to sleep.

I frequently fantasize about how nice it would be if humans had a switch and a timer and you'd just turn the switch turned off and you'd sleep without ever having to worry about waking up until the timer woke you.

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