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Originally posted by Quiet CD

How do you conclude such? were you there? do you know this, with what proof. Your posts are just towers of assumptions and labels teetering in the wind.
Um, because the person said that the girl was resisting arrest? Instead of submitting to the dog, (who, like I said, is too well-trained to attack at random), she tried to fight it off and get away. Its pretty cut and dried that she was resisting arrest.

here you go again... the property was private and legally permitted the party
You still generally need permits to have that many people gather, private property or not. Its bureaucratic as all hell, but its not an unreasonable thing to require. I can't have 2000 people gather in my back yard just because I want to.

why would the promoters be filing a lawsuit if it was illegally thrown that wouldn't make any sense.
Anyone can file a lawsuit, even if they're in the wrong.

nor is there any proof from the police or military or whoever it was (still seemingly unknown which is another thing that should make people more than puzzled) that they witnessed such acts, i guess with their binoculars on the helicopters they could see that people were taking drugs and minors were having sex, still no evidence of such.
There were undercover officers in the crowd. They saw more than enough to give probable cause for the raid. I highly doubt that they got this task force together and raided the place based on a vague hunch that there were drugs involved.

I love how so many of you openly criticize a facet of culture you are far too sheltered even to begin to understand, let alone experience.
I don't think anyone has a problem with rave culture. If that's your thing, have at it. But if people want to ruin the party by breaking the law, then its hard to feel much sympathy for that. They should have done a better job of keeping the druggies out.

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