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Default Re: Re: Re: Salt Lake City, Utah - Illegal and brutally violent military incident

Originally posted by transluscent

free assembly
Free assembly doesn't mean "go anywhere you want and mill around."

why then, is everyone else saying that it was with a permit? the words of the many outweigh the words of the few in this case
Somehow I don't think that the best way of figuring out what happened is going to be by taking a vote. You have a bunch of partying college kids and a handful of professional officers. Think what you will of cops, but they come off way more credible here. The promoters might have had some kind of permit...but it wasn't what they needed apparently.

since when are the police entitled to "rough someone up" in any way?
They're allowed to whatever they have to to subdue suspects. If you fight the cops, they can fight you back. And they usually win.

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