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Default Re: Salt Lake City, Utah - Illegal and brutally violent military incident

Originally posted by Quiet CD
Regardless of superficial circumstances, what kind of music, even if there were drugs there (even though promoters had people in charge of confiscating them)... this is a blatant violation of our Constitutional rights and ever American should be angry.
Sorry, but I don't think that the "right to party" made it into the copy of the Constitution I have, no matter what the Beastie Boys say. Yes, most drug laws are stupid. And the enforcement of such laws is even more stupid if that's possible...but as long as they're on the books, they still have to be followed. This wasn't some family picnic that got raided. It was apparently without a permit (according to law enforcement), and was apparently a place where laws were being violated on a more than nominal scale.

A few stoned asshats resisting arrest and getting roughed up by the police for their trouble is not exactly my idea of the Thought Police coming down.

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