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unable to cope with the pain of not being outside when the water slowly drizzled outside my window, i desided to leave the room. A quick look in the mirror told me that my hair still was thick and powerfull, which was a the best thing that happened to me all week. The trashcan stared at me from across the room, it was filled with discarded food, a banana skid, strands of spagetti, more discarded food, some paper and more that i couldn't see, since the view was blocked by the things i previously mentioned when i described the contents of my trashcan.

now here comes the WIERD part. really strange, you know..wierd!
carelessly walking on the pavement, which was still wet from the rain, i noticed a girl standing beside a dumpster. she looked at me in a really strange way, and i looked back. thoughts rushed through my head: was snot hanging from my nose? had a pimple suddenly grown out of normal proporions? a quick check showed me that this was not the case. she just looked at me without any real reason... i wonder why. it was really wierd anyway.

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