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Raskolnikov 04-13-2021 10:31 PM

Anybody 'round here into Ben Kweller?
Thread title is pretty self explanatory, but, a few observations:

"Sha Sha" still holds water quite well. A few cuts on there rival anything else from that general genre of 90s alt rock - some of those songs are just as good as anything on Weezer's blue album.

He doesn't really have a total flop of an album anywhere in there. Even his country foray, "Changing Horses" has some great jams in there.

He's a blast live. Can tell the guy really likes performing. Usually sticks around and is wonderfully kind and personable to talk with.

Threw on his new one tonight for the first time - Circuit Boredom - and while ridiculously short (whole thing is 28 minutes) it's got some great jams in there.

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