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Isle 03-25-2005 07:22 PM


Originally posted by alexthestampede
is that sand?
nah its marbles

Isle 03-25-2005 07:22 PM


Originally posted by schlagen
Happy Birthday, sir

smashingjj 03-25-2005 09:48 PM


Originally posted by Isle

also, today i met the Cheeky Girls, if any of you know who they are.

LOL! how?

Isle 03-26-2005 08:39 AM


Originally posted by smashingjj
LOL! how?
they were on the carousel just next to me for some publicity photographs. i just leaned over and said "omg r u the cheeky girls" and they said "nyes" in their cheeky bimbo way. i should've got a photo with them

smashingjj 03-26-2005 09:03 AM

i think they are the best singers ever, after Jeff Buckley, though

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