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skippy 10-21-2002 12:30 AM

Don't forget to look up.
Sometimes, amidst all the turmoil and chaos of life in the 21st century, I forget just how beautiful, how magnificant our world is. Tonite while i was walking my dog, I just happened to look up. Now normally when I walk my dog at night i'm either looking around for the weird guy who tries to get his dog to mate with my dog or else i'm just sort of looking down and thinking about the day that has just passed. But tonite I looked up and I actually did a double take. It was a full moon tonite (or nearly a full moon anyway) and all the clouds were plainly visible as if it were midday. They were those serrated, cheese grater looking clouds. Cirrocumulus maybe. I dunno. And though there were a lot of them, the moon wasn't really obscured for some reason. And there were all these interesting patterns and shapes and I saw like an alien and a dragon and a Buick. And I thought to myself, "Oh yeah, that's right. I live in this incredibly beautiful world." Sometimes I forget about that.

scouse_dave 10-21-2002 12:34 AM

i want a dog

tootsie 10-21-2002 12:38 AM

i used to feel that way a ton. thanks for the nice reminder :)

mirrar 10-21-2002 12:51 AM

i used to do the exact same thing walking my dog at home at night.. because where i lived before was pretty rural and there were lots of trees and stars.. one of the only things i hate about living in the city. and i miss my dog :( :( :(

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