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Boycott Graceland 06-02-2007 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by jack_kerouac03
"I am really excited for Gish month, we are going to give official lyrics, explain song meanings and much, much more!"

"This song is off our DVD coming out in the fall, from our other band, DjaliZwan."

"We are hard at work editing the Metro DVD and it's coming along nicely!"

"I am really excited for the Glass Cartoon, there are many episodes on the way."

"I have a huge announcement coming soon about an announcement about an upcoming surprise!!"

"This song is going to be on my Church Sessions record, and possibly the DVD!"

five stars

steelfaerie 06-02-2007 12:12 AM


Originally Posted by Beta
Sook-Yin: "You originally had 40 songs you recorded for the album, you eventually widdled it down to 15.....

:rofl: All I can picture is Billy being asked if he peed on the songs. I think you/the interviewer meant whittled, but god I just laughed my ass off.

neopryn 06-02-2007 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by Beta
Sook-Yin: "You originally had 40 songs you recorded for the album, you eventually widdled it down to 15, what was the criteria for deciding which songs made the album"
Billy: "One, is it dumb enough. Two, is it loud enough and... do we care! It's like we had this light... the lighter rating. What are the chances of the lighter being raise during this song, something like Sunshowers-Randrops is a 6, where-as With Every Light is a 10. Okay, Everlasting Gaze is a zero because you'll be too busy with the fist in the air, so under the fist that's a 10."

Billy: We were the reaction against the reaction.

Interviewer: "so, were any pumpkins actually harmed in the making if this album?"
Billy: "congratulations, you just asked the no. 1 most stupid question, you win a free autographed nothing!"

Billy: "Here we have my sitar."
Manny: "Oh, are you using this a lot on the record?"
Billy: "No, we just think its cool to show people that we have a sitar - in fact so cool that we cant get it open" - interview with Manny Chevrolet (Vieuphoria)

"My mother came to a Smahing Pumpkins gig once, and I was wearing a dress. She was very upset. She said, 'Everyones going to think your a fag. ' I said,well they already think I'm an asshole."

"Destruction is a true sign of devotion. As I always tell my girlfriend when she threatens to kill me. 'You should kill me and it would tell me that you love me."

"Well, I had this really traumatic experience when I was fifteen. I got shrunk and I had to live in a thimble, and let me tell you that it was hard. The food was plentiful and all, but the attack of the rats got to be a bit much. It came out of the experiences of that time." - on inspiration for the song "Stumbleine"

"This isn't a reaction against a negative world, it's a response to a negative world" -Billy Corgan on Adore

"If we ever need to add another member we'll give you a call."
(Vieuphoria vhs)

"Of course you can't understand anything i'm saying, but that's cool cause i'm still saying it."
Before Tonight, Tonight on the Plaenen Tivoli (Copenhagen, Denmark) bootleg

"I've finally found jesus...he was behind the cauth the whole time."

"Don't judge yourself by other peoples standards. You'll always

Jay Leno:
"So why's the band splitting up?"
Billy Corgan:
"Comedy doesnt pay."

"We live in a plastic world
and we are all plastic people
And they want to put you in a plastic box
And put you on a plastic shelf and say
But I am still here, so Fuck YOU!"
Billy Corgan/april 19-2000

Interviewer: "You've lost all your hair, are you undergoing chemo therapy?"
Billy: "Do you understand the words fuck off?"

"Its a Backstreet Boy world, and at the end of the day, you just want to go home and kill yourself"

"I'm not in the Smashing Pumpkins anymore, I'm just Billy"
- Billy Corgan to a fan after Metro Show -

"Stay in school. Lie to your teachers, but stay in school"

"Are you ready to rock?..crowd cheers..Well you are in the wrong place"

"We come, we saw, we kicked fucking ass - thats the way I want us to be remembered"

"If practice makes perfect and nobody's perfect, then why practice?"

"For a 6-foot-3 guy with no hair and a whiny voice, Ive done all right"

"'Disarm' is about my childhood and how I turned into an asshole."

"You know where I got the title for "Mayonaise"? I looked in my refrigerator."

"I'm glad that I'm such a good rhymer,
Better than being a social climber,
Just because I'm a bit brighter,
Than some fucking writer."
-Fax Billy Corgan sent to a reporter who said SP sucked.

"In 1991, we were competing with the real deal. Now we're competing with Nirvana mimics."

"Ten fucking years I've known this guy (James Iha), and I just want to drop kick his head."

"When I think of famous, I think of serial killers or politicians.
I think being in a band is just an excuse to not work."

"Say you write a song about a chandelier, and the chandelier gives off light. And the light is the color red and red reminds you of the color you're not supposed to wear around a bull. So you name the song 'Cow'."

"The whole point of the Smashing Pumpkins was to blow everybody away, so it didn't make sense to be funny at the same time. We were too busy trying to pummel your fucking head in."

"We can look you in the eye and talk to you about life, heart, love, rock 'n' roll, whatever, but we do not have the moral authority to tell people how to vote or what to do to their bodies. We're just a rock band."

"I was a jock but I wasn't on the sports team. I played guitar, but I didn't hang with the stoners.
I just couldn't hang in any way, and when you're young and you can't hang, you oppose.
So I was anti-everything. Fuck you all."

"I think it's probably because we didn't do dumb things like,
'Wave your hands in the air' that we suffered a little, but I would rather suffer and not be a fool."

"On an idealistic level, doing a double conceptual album is totally uncool, but I'm gonna pull it off."

"It could have been any vegetable."

"It's The Smashing Pumpkins. That was my stupid idea."

"For, like, two years, every interview was, and occasionally still is, 'Don't you guys hate each other?' "

"The title of a song is like the wrapping on a present."

"Was it a hit song? The answer is no. Did it have a video? No. Do people cite it as their favorite song? No. Do they scream for it at concerts? No. But does it mean something to me? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes."

"Life is everything and nothing all at once."

"We're the worst band in America... That makes us the best."

"We weren't like mates who decided to form a band. The other three met me because they were interested in being in the band that I was starting."

"People act like Nirvana invented grunge; they just took it and personified it."

"Most musicians suck."

"I have a very down opinion of musicians. Because most musicians' heads aren't on straight. It's usually about technique, when it should be about creativity."

"See, we don't normally play this song; we thought it would be kinda fun to play it, but obviously we don't know our own song, so... We'll just play some Bush or Stone Temple Pilots or something... [band plays short "Smells Like Teen Spirit" riff] ... Usually we wait until the end of the concert to apologize for sucking, but I will apologize now. I'm very sorry -- we suck."

"I cut all my fucking hair off, thats what i did. It seems like a very obvious thing, but this idiot can't seem to see it," - during a concert after someone asked where his hair went

"I said rat in a cage, not monkey from a fucking wire." - after seeing a guy hanging off the balcony after "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" duing a concert

"We are proud to be the first full services alternative rock band. What does that mean to you? You want service, we'll give it to you....If you want to hear an Oasis song, we'll play one." - during a concert

"There's been someone up here screaming 'Landslide' for the whole show... Normally we don't play 'Landslide,' but on occasion we've been known to play it... So since this person's been screaming it all show long... That just about kills the chances of me playing it tonight, or ever again." - during a concert

Q: Was the band lacking something without Jimmy then?
Billy: "We noticed the absence of a maniacal laugh."

"When I watch a puppet show, I'm not watching the puppets -- I'm trying to see who's pulling the strings."

"And you might ask yourself, 'What the fuck kind of concert is this anyway?'" "And you might ask yourself, 'Who the fuck is that guy onstage?'" "And you might ask yourself, 'Where is my mommy tonight?'" "And you might ask yourself, 'Why is this man screaming?'"
- Billy during "Once in a Lifetime"

"Do you love me? Do you really care? Is it my good looks? Or my long hair?" "From a faraway land, cold Chicago. Chicago by way of Canada."
-Billy Corgan during xyu

james: "snoop doggy dogg! snooop doogggy dawwwgg!"
billy: "yeah, y'all don't know james wrote all of snoop dog's lyrics... biaatch!!"

"god bless you motherfuckers"
towards the end of the Roxy show on the Arising tour. 4-24-99

BC: I got three words for you...We're taking it to the streets.
BW: Ok, Billy...this record is a 2 cd set...
JC: That's five words! (all laughing)
BW:'s a two record set...
BC: I know Jimmy, it's a joke.

BC: Um, we decided to do the double album long before we ever actually set out to do it.
D: Long before we even started the band.
JC: We talked about it long before we thought we could do it.
BW: A double album is every band's dream, I hear.
BC: It was in the DNA.

BW: ...for their celebratory record releae concert here in Chicago. The record is Mellon Colie and the Infinite SAdness, the song you just heard is Hereis no why. What does that title mean?
BC: Don't know.
BW: Uh..ok.
JC: It used to be No, is here why.
BW: and just got mixed up in the transcription?
JC: Right.

"Alright. Enough of all that gloom shit. Now it's time to have a party! We are an internationally known party band. When you want to smile and have a good time you think of us! Cause we get the funk out." "We're gonna hail satan, make him come around. We're gonna kick his ass... and ask him why there's so many bad metal bands. Yes Satan. Whyyyyy? Satan, whyyyyyy? Whyyy? If you're the all powerful devil why can't you make better metal music? Whyyyy? Because evil should be evil, and metal should be metal. You know what I'm saying?" "Oh yeah. I tricked ya. I trick Jimmy all the time. [laughs]" (after billy screams andJimmy misinterprets it as leading into a heavier part of the song.

"I might like you better if you wore pleather." "I might like you better if you hadn't fucked so many guys." "I might like you better if we slept together...well i guess that's ok because I fucked your mother about 10 years ago...and just like you she was a ho, a ho hoho...merry christmas. hehe."
-Billy Corgan during "Never Say Never"

"be careful what you say but be really careful what you don't say"

"This is a little song I wrote about the feeling that you get when you really are hungry, when you're really hungry ,ya know like in the middle of the night when you wake up and you really want a Twinkie. That's what this song is about. I hope you can follow me it's kinda deep. Let's take a ride."
-Billy explains X.Y.U.

James: "I like that guy in the multi-colored afro out there...I've seen you out there, you're a genius. We'd like to dedicate this next song to the multi-colored afro man."
Billy: "When i wrote this song I was in love with a man who wore a mulit-colored afro, and that's why this is so special right at this time."
James: "Was that in Paris?"
Billy: "It was actually Barcelona." (starts Disarm)

Billy: "So that's James, that's D'arcy, that's Jimmy, and I'm Fred. I'm Billy's evil twin...Billy would have liked to have been here tonight but he was too busy being sad."
James: "Too busy being sad and listening to 17 seconds."

(1999) Billy: "James, would you like to tell a joke?"
James: "Umm... So, this grasshopper goes into a bar and says: 'I'd like to have a beer.' Bartender says: 'Don't you wanna have a drink that's named after you?' And he said: 'Oh!? You mean John?' Hah! Ladies and gentlemen, 8 years of showbusiness, right down the toilet! Now this next song, I hope you're really gonna like, and it's called Muzzle. Let's all rock."

BILLY: "'re a rowdy bunch of motherfuckers! I am so glad we are only playin accoustic tonight...things may get out of hand! (crowd boos). can't take a joke here?? We were here not that long could take a joke back then! I seem to remember our lollapalooza set being VERY funny! (crowd cheers)
(then they play today)
BILLY: "Oh yeah...whats this place called??? (crowd yells SOMA)
JAMES (in a screetchy voice) "I cant hear you!!"
BILLY: "Soma??"
DARCY: "I think they said..something laundry.
BILLy: "Jack's Laundry??" Is that what this place is called??"
DARCY: "No...thats what this song is called...Jack's Laundry!"
(Then they play Soma)

JAMES: We would now like to thank the naked man!
DARCY: Now thats show biz folks!!! It doesn't get anymore exciting than that!
JAMES: The naked mas is a genius!! To show himself....a free of...clothes!
We SALUTE YOU naked man!!!

BILLY: Umm...we'd like to play this song called XYU....normally when we come to Germany the interviewers always say "vat does this song mean??" and so they say "vat do you mean by xyu...are you trying to say x....yu? or xy.....u?? which is it....
BILLY: "which is it?? and I say...I dont know!
JAMES: aaaaaaaahhh!! aaaah!!
BILLY: there is no meaning..but they say "but there must be a meaning...or you wouldn't have given the title XYU" and I say no..there is no dont understand..and they say "but there must be a are lying to me again!"
BILLY: so.....this goes out to all you liers out there!!!
(then they start XYU)

man, this guy used to be cool

Lyric 06-02-2007 04:08 AM

"it's not punk rock when your milking the system for everything it's worth" - bc

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