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slunken 04-26-2014 09:47 PM

found some rap i can ride for - chicago based

slunken 04-26-2014 09:49 PM

MusicMan4 04-26-2014 09:51 PM

1. this is a hip-hop song. maybe outkast? easy enough to listen to but I can't really do hip hop. unfortunately I think I may just be too old at this point to learn to understand or appreciate it as a music form. it's probably my biggest failure on my musical sojourn.... I just don't really understand rap music.

slunken 04-26-2014 09:52 PM


slunken 04-26-2014 09:52 PM

for real doe this shit is cold

slunken 04-26-2014 09:53 PM

slunken 04-26-2014 09:53 PM

obligatory weed anthem

Trotskilicious 04-26-2014 11:20 PM

Dreezy ft. Jeezy, Yeezy, & Weezy

null123 04-26-2014 11:21 PM

i love dreezy

null123 04-26-2014 11:22 PM


slunken 04-26-2014 11:59 PM


i wasn't into sasha until i heard that track - she grew

slunken 04-27-2014 12:03 AM

i'm so sick i'mma need chemo

slunken 04-27-2014 12:06 AM

rappers are the best comedians re: one-liners

I'm Hardcore 04-27-2014 12:10 AM

you guys make me feel like an outcast

Shallowed 04-27-2014 01:51 AM

Nice one liner, there.

Trotskilicious 04-27-2014 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by slunken (Post 4054955)
rappers are the best comedians re: one-liners


Trotskilicious 04-27-2014 10:20 AM

You be fronting like you got a bunch of chicks, uh
You be at home, nigga, beating your dick, uh
I'm in the club with the chipped up wrist, uh
You at the bar, whoadie, drinking my piss, uh
The yellow shit, and the bottle ain't Crys', son
You turned your muthafuckin' head, nigga, we switched 'em
You just mad cause I'm hitting your sister
You in the other room, huh, you couldn't sleep, uh

~Ghostface "Be Easy"

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